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With the surge in popularity of multiplayer video gaming, it’s more important than ever to ensure that these games are kept safe and secure for players. ScreenlyyID is a powerful tool that provides an extra layer of security for online gaming and also improves identity verification in video gaming. It uses advanced identification and verification technology to protect gamers from cheating, harassment, and other risks. In this article, we’ll explore how ScreenlyyID works to keep multiplayer video gaming safe and secure. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn what makes this system so effective at protecting gamers – read on to find out!

What is ScreenlyyID?

ScreenlyyID is an Identity Verification & KYC (know your customer) system designed to keep multiplayer video gaming safe and secure. It utilizes advanced facial recognition technology to establish the identity of each player in an online game. This means that each user must be verified before they can join a game or access its content.

It has access to a library of over 7000 ID types from over 200 countries, electronic identity verification of name and address in 55 countries, including government, credit, postal and telco. ScreenlyyID also has access to over 350 global and national PEP, sanctions and watch lists. Our modular system also includes additional customer intelligence checks such as IP & device verification, email, phone and address lookups, as well as social media footprints. These are all modular and can be used in any combination by games developers to build up a true 360-degree view of their players.

Purpose of ScreenlyyID

ScreenlyyID is designed to ensure the safety and security of online multiplayer video gaming. It uses facial recognition technology to verify the identity of each player, thereby preventing unauthorised access.

The system assigns a risk score to each player, allowing administrators to quickly detect potential bad actors. Using our APIs to integrate directly into any back office or player sign-up process makes it easier for teams to implement protocols. It helps with anti-harassment measures, payment scam protection, and other safety measures in their games. By taking advantage of this powerful tool, game developers can ensure that their games are secure. Also enjoyable for everyone involved.

Ultimately, ScreenlyyID provides an effective way to protect gamers from malicious users and keep the gaming environment secure

Benefits of Using ScreenlyyID in Multiplayer Video Gaming

There are several benefits to using ScreenlyyID in multiplayer video gaming:

Identification and Verification

Identification and verification are essential processes for ensuring secure online transactions. By verifying a user’s identification documents are real, and running electronic identity checks, businesses can guarantee that their customers are whom they say they are, preventing any fraudulent or malicious activity. 

Identification and verification services use a variety of methods to establish someone’s identity, including document OCR scans, as well as biometric scans and facial recognition technology. ScreenlyyID can also use the information provided in OCR scans to perform other electronic identification lookups. This ensures that only authorized individuals can access an account, join a group, or make payments. 

By using identification and verification services, businesses can ensure their customers have a safe and secure experience when using their products or services.

Monitoring and Reporting Features

Monitoring and reporting features are essential to ensure a safe and secure online gaming experience.

ScreenlyyID offers state-of-the-art solutions that make sure every transaction is monitored and reported upon. ScreenlyyID’s dashboard and powerful APIs combine to ensure companies get a full 360-degree view of their customers. Allowing them to make informed decisions and implement their own strategies when dealing with malicious users. By having a detailed view of who is signing up for your platform or service, businesses can identify potential issues quickly and efficiently.

The reporting feature also allows businesses to take appropriate action in cases of fraud or abuse. Ensure that players can enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about their safety or security. With ScreenlyyID’s reliable reporting features, companies can rest assured knowing that their customers will have a safe and secure online gaming experience.

Protection from Fraud

Many games have in-game payment systems, such as those that support credit card payments or even digital wallets that can hold cash or credits. These can sometimes be used to launder money or as an easy way for credit card fraud. That occurs due to the generally low value of the transactions, not setting off bank or credit card company fraud detection systems.

By identifying the customer as who they say they are and using a number of KYC tools, including the ScreenlyyIDs BIN (Bank Identification Number) lookup module, game developers can add a layer of security to detect and remove fraudulent payments from their system. That is why identity verification in video gaming is important. 

Protection from Harassment

Online harassment can ruin the online gaming experience for everyone involved. To ensure a secure and enjoyable environment, ScreenlyyID offers protection from potential harassers. Allowing a number of know-your-customer modular checks to be added to any signup or in-game workflow.

Being able to detect that the user is a real person and is who they say they are, as well as getting a full picture of any online presence. Or potential watch list matches, which means they can be flagged before even gaining access to a multiplayer environment. With this kind of information available, businesses can rest assured knowing that their customers will have an enjoyable online gaming experience without potential harassment.

Problems That Can Arise in Multiplayer Games 

Several problems can arise in multiplayer video games, especially for young players and children. Some of these problems include:


Players can be subjected to bullying, harassment, or teasing from other players. This can be especially harmful to younger players, who may not have the emotional maturity to deal with such behavior.


Online predators may use multiplayer games as a way to groom young players for sexual exploitation. They may try to build relationships with players by offering in-game rewards or gifts, or by pretending to be younger than they are.

Inappropriate Content

Some multiplayer games may contain content that is not appropriate for young players. This can include violent or sexually suggestive content, or language that is not suitable for children.


Multiplayer games can be highly addictive, and players may find themselves spending large amounts of time playing to the detriment of other areas of their lives. For example, schoolwork, socializing, and physical activity.

Scams and Fraud

Players may be targeted by scammers who offer in-game items or currency in exchange for personal information or payment. Younger players may be more vulnerable to such scams, as they may not have as much experience with online transactions.

How Does ScreenlyyID Work?

For identity verification in video gaming, ScreenlyyID works by using various identity verification methods. Ensure that players are who they claim to be and are of an appropriate age and eligibility to access certain content. The exact process may vary depending on the game developer’s implementation, but generally, the following steps are involved:


ScreenlyyID can be incorporated into any onboarding or user registration process to make sure that gamers are playing with only legitimate players. Upon signing up for your service, a full identity check can be performed, where the users must scan a QR code securely and within 5 seconds. Validate their ID and perform a biometric check. Alternatively, a “soft touch” check can be performed that does not require a photo of the ID. But data from the signup form can be sent through our APIs and verified against government, credit, postal, and telco records. In 55 countries, as well as 350+ PEP sanctions and watch lists. Modular customer intelligence checks can also be added such as email, phone, device and bank identification number verification

During your registration process, results are returned instantly, so you can make decisions during registration based on those results. For example, flagging someone for further investigation or denying them access to the platform.

Results are also available to view instantly at any time, within our dashboard and reporting system.

Platform Integration

ScreenlyyID understands the importance of being able to integrate with existing systems and platforms. That is why we have dedicated our research and development team to creating seamless integration opportunities to your platform with our APIs and SDK.

By integrating with existing systems such as your in game wallet or payment system, ScreenlyyID can provide gamers with a more secure, efficient, and enjoyable gaming experience in real time, rather than also just at the signup process.

We employ encryption protocols to keep all communication private, while also monitoring every connection for suspicious activity. With these measures in place, you can rest assured that your information is always secure when verifying on ScreenlyyID.

Access Controls for Administrators and Moderators

At ScreenlyyID, we understand that it’s important for administrators and moderators to have access controls in place. This helps to ensure the safety of our users and their gaming experiences. Our platform gives administrators and moderators access to a variety of tools that allow them to monitor and manage transactions.

We provide moderators with the ability to review, flag, accept or decline transactions. We also have different levels of user access so you can restrict the ability for certain administrators to see data.

Overall, these access controls help you maintain a safe and secure environment. Ensure data visibility is kept to only those that truly need access.

ScreenlyyID for Video Gaming

ScreenlyyID offers a range of practical solutions that can help promote safety and security in multiplayer video gaming. Here are some examples of how ScreenlyyID works for identity verification in video gaming:

Preventing Cyberbullying

ScreenlyyID verifies the identity of players. Making it easier to track down and report any instances of cyberbullying or harassment. Game developers can use ScreenlyyID to identify who the bad actor is. Enforce strict penalties for any instances of bullying or harassment.

Protecting Against Grooming

ScreenlyyID’s age verification technology can help prevent the grooming and exploitation of young players. Ensuring that they are of an appropriate age to access certain content. This can help reduce the risk of predators targeting vulnerable players and promote a safer gaming environment.

Securing Against Scams and Fraud

By verifying the identity of players, ScreenlyyID can help protect against scams and fraudulent activities. Including phishing scams or hacking attacks. ScreenlyyID also prevents fraudulent purchases or the use of stolen credit card information in multiplayer gaming.

Promoting Responsible Gaming

ScreenlyyID age verification technology ensures that players are of an appropriate age to access certain content. Promoting responsible gaming and reducing the risk of exposure to age-inappropriate content.

Building a Trustworthy Gaming Community

By verifying the identities of players and promoting a safer and more secure gaming environment, ScreenlyyID can help build a more trustworthy and reliable gaming community. Players can have greater confidence in their interactions with others, knowing that the game environment is safe and secure.

Family-Friendly Gaming Environments

ScreenlyyID provides administrators with powerful tools to identify who users are and take action if necessary.

Online Tournament Competitions

ScreenlyyID also offers powerful tools that help administrators ensure fair play within their tournaments. They can monitor who is signing up and take action, if necessary, as well as set age-appropriate filters to protect younger players from inappropriate content.

eSports Professional Player Regulations

ScreenlyyID provides an easy-to-use platform for tournament administrators to monitor and regulate activities during competition. The platform allows admins to verify player identities, set age restrictions, run checks at point in time such as wallet payments.


ScreenlyyID is a great tool for identity verification in video gaming, be it for individual users or online multiplayer games. Including live tournaments. It is flexible enough to integrate into any flow, such as onboarding or in-game purchases. It helps ensure fair play and safety by verifying player identities and setting age restrictions. Also giving a 360-degree view of a player. An administrator or moderator can do this live in real time to make in-game decisions or review it at a later date. This level of regulation creates an environment where everyone can enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about bad actors or fraud.