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Document Authentication in an instant

Allow customers to  scan and verify documents in seconds. Verify identity documents in real time and detect fake and tampered documents using our document authentication tool.

Digital identity verification built to scale

Document authentication is the first line of defence in the screening process


Ensure a secure and seamless customer experience with ScreenlyyID’s document authentication technology. It is crafted to make the document authentication and capture straightforward, fast, and fraud-proof, regardless of the ID.

Detect Fake & Tampered ID’s

Prevent use of fake or stolen ID’s from being used and shield your business from the risks of identity fraud and financial crime.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet strict compliance requirements for age and identity verification, account authentication, data privacy and KYC and AML.

Onboard More Customers, Quickly

Convert more customers and dramatically reduce abandonment rates with an automated, highly accurate, user-friendly OCR autofill

Extensive database of identity documents

Authenticate and verify over 13,500 documents from 245+ countries, in over 138 languages

Global data sources

Verify anyone's identity, anywhere, in seconds.

Our solution provides your business with access to a wide range of global data sources from countries across the world, including postal records, credit bureau, and government data. Each check is performed in real-time to help you onboard good customers quickly, while preventing fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained.

User friendly admin dashboard

Case management tools

Use our centralised dashboard to view results, set status, assign users, assess risk score, create integrations and use our no code solutions.

How does document authentication work?

How Document Authentication Works

Document Capture

Customers scan their ID document with their mobile phone. ScreenlyyID users advanced technologies to ensure best possible image quality is captured.

Extract Data

Data is automatically extracted using OCR from the identity document to assess its authenticity. MRZ data is also captured if available.

Authenticate Document

We combine computer vision, machine learning, AI to authenticate ID's in real time and provide a result in a matter of seconds.

Image quality assurance

Image quality assessment control

Automatically pre-processes document images, utilizing quality assessment techniques to streamline document authentication and verification results.

Image capture

OCR Capture Technology

ScreenlyyID enhances ID verification results. Easily implement OCR document scanning and verification into your organization’s onboarding processes and applications. Achieve perfect image quality with advanced document capture capabilities. 

Machine readable zone's

MRZ reading ability

Locate, read, and verify machine-readable zones (MRZs) on various IDs. ScreenlyyID’s MRZ reading technology automatically reads the MRZ lines, separates them into individual fields, and validates the MRZs with all the data they contain.

Auto document detect

Detect document types automatically

ScreenlyyID technology will instantly identify the type of identity document and its country of origin without the need for manual input such as selecting a country, document type, or series.

Scalable solution to suite your business needs

From 10 to 10 million, our document and identity solution is fully automated and scales with you

Assisted image capture

Ensures the end user captures a sharp, readable image.

Guides the user

If the ID also requires the back of the document, our UI automatically steps the user through this process.

Optimises camera for Selfie

When a biometric check is required, our app auto opens the front camera and guides the user

Results & alerts on autopilot

Results automatically feed through to our dashboard or via webhook as they happen. Set alerts, and get updated in real-time.

Verification to suit your requirements

No-Code, Bulk CSV, API, or live lookup, we’ve got you covered

ScreenlyyIDs dashboard and API suite means you can integrate via any means that suits your business. CSV for bulk verifications via our dashboard, integrate our API into your own systems, or even send a link to a prospect for completion via our no-code UI form.

End-to-end KYC Solution

Combine with other ScreenlyyID products for a comprehensive anti-fraud and identity solution checks

IP & Device analysis

Check device  information many other datapoints for combating fraud.

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IP & Device analysis


Use the extracted document data
to run a full AML & KYC check on the individual.

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eIDV Check

Verify personal identity information against over 300+ independent and reliable data sources.

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eIDV Check

Proof of Address

Use independent reference data to instantly verify whether an individual is known at their listed address.

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Proof of Address

ScreenlyyIDs document authentication is applicable to any industry, anywhere


Verify identities in seconds to prevent fraud and eliminate stolen IDs, spoofing, deepfakes and account takeovers.


Automate customer onboarding with ScreenlyyID and secure account opening, loan origination, and credit application processes.


Verify patients and reduce friction from manual checks. Confidently comply with international KYC standards.

Government Services

Faster and efficient verification of citizens who wish to sign up and use government portals and online services.


More robust and secure fraud prevention and is pivotal in detecting and deterring money laundering.


Safely and securely onboard customers, open digital wallets, and comply with central banking laws and regulations.


Securely onboard virtual gamers of legal age, whilst simultaneously preventing fraud and money laundering.

Real Estate

Fast confirmation of identity for individuals who are applying to lease or purchase properties without lengthy proof of documents.

ScreenlyyID, your first choice verification partner

How ScreenlyyID can help your organization!

Frictionless Onboarding

Convert more customers with a fast and secure user experience.

Mitigate Fraud

Detect and minimize fraud at every step of the customer journey.


Gain a 360˚view of a customers identity and know who you are dealing with.


Authenticate person not present transactions. establishing identity.

Meet Compliance

Meet strict compliance and regulatory requirements.


Reach customers anywhere, at any time from any device.

Age Verification

Ensure age verification is met.

Evaluate Risks

Evaluate risks via additional database screening.

Superior Support

99.99% uptime and support.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is the most flexible and affordable on the market

No Set Up Fee

No License Fee

Free Forever

No Hosting Fee

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Multilingual Solution

Authenticate and verify over 13,500 documents in any language

Support any Language

Our UI can be translated into any language.

240 Countries

Authenticate Identity documents from 240 countries

Add any Document

If you have a specific document requirement and we don't already have it covered, we can add it for you.

Eliminate Fraud

Registrations from fraudulent sources can cost you financially.