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ScreenlyyID for eCommerce

Protect your revenue by minimizing chargebacks and preventing losses from fraudulent orders. Boost your profits by making intelligent choices.

Trust us to safeguard your e-commerce store by equipping you with the tools to make smart decisions to fight fraud with ease while prioritizing the safety of your loyal clientele.

ScreenlyyID for eCommerce

How ScreenlyyID can help your organization!

Delivery Address Verification

Verifying the identity of customers and their delivery addresses can help to prevent fraud and ensure that orders are delivered to the correct address.

Customer Account Creation

Verify the identity of customers when they create an account, reducing the risk of fraud and ensuring that the correct customer information is being recorded in the system.

Payment Processing

By implementing identity verification methods, ecommerce platforms can reduce the risk of fraudulent payments and protect both their business and their customers from potential fraud.

Return and Refund Fraud

Digital identity verification can be used to prevent fraud in the return and refund process, ensuring that only legitimate returns are processed.

BIN Lookup to Identify Fraud

Utilize the BIN Lookup module to gain valuable insights. Do the shipping address and the country of the issuing bank correspond? Is the card type appropriate in relation to the customer's information? Is the card a prepaid?

Fraud Prevention

Help prevent fraudulent transactions by ensuring that the identity of the customer matches the information provided and by detecting any suspicious activity.

Reduce Chargebacks

By verifying the identity of the customer and screening for potential fraud, these companies can identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, identity verification and screening can help reduce the number of chargebacks that ecommerce merchants receive.

Improve Customer Experience

Poor identity verification processes can lead to frustrated customers and a negative impact on the customer experience and abandonment rates.

Age Verification

For ecommerce businesses that sell age-restricted products such as tobacco, alcohol, or adult content, identity verification and screening can be used to ensure that the customer is of legal age to make the purchase.

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