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ScreenlyyID for Banking & Finance

Transform your customer acquisition approach by reducing hurdles and ensuring compliance with regulations, while simultaneously keeping ahead of your competitors.

Enhance your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process and minimize AML (Anti-Money Laundering) risk with cutting-edge fraud protection tools designed for risk teams and fraud managers.

By integrating ScreenlyyID into your banking or financial platform, your organization will experience a substantial decrease in the rate of fraud, along with the ability to rapidly and effectively detect, block, and minimize cases of online financial fraud.

Banking & Finance

How ScreenlyyID can help your organization!

Age Verification

Ensure that age verification is met.

Account Registration

Verify the identity of an individual seamlessly, during account creation. Ensure that the customer is who they say they are, prevent fraud and reduce the risk of identity theft.

Payment Processing

Use digital identity verification when customer makes a payment or withdrawal from their accounts. Ensure that the transaction is legitimate and that the customer is authorized to use the payment method.

Loan or Credit Application

When a customer applies for a loan or credit, digital identity verification is used to confirm their identity.

Meet Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Digital identity verification can be used to comply with regulations such as AML and KYC, which are designed to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities

Fraud Prevention

Detect and prevent fraud, such as identity theft, account takeover, and credit card fraud.

Minimise Acquiring Costs

Improve the accuracy of your bank's fraud detection capabilities while minimizing chargeback expenses. Automatically detect and flag high-risk merchants with a history of fraudulent activities, such as bringing in bad customers and accepting stolen card deposits.

Improve Customer Experience

Poor identity verification processes can lead to frustrated customers and a negative impact on the customer experience and abandonment rates.

Set Limits and restrictions

Set limits and restrictions on customer accounts based on their identity information. For example, a customer may be restricted from making large transactions if their identity information is not fully verified.

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