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Validate Email Addresses in Real Time

Reduce Fraud, Verify real users and filter out low-quality email addresses

Enrich user data based on a single email address

Parse, validate and clean an email address

Effectively check the validity of an email address, helping to increase deliverability, avoid high bounce rates and blacklisting. Improve your valuable sender reputation and advance customer communications when you validate email addresses upon onboarding. ScreenlyyID also provides batch email cleansing, allowing you to clean your existing data.

Reduce Fraud

Confirm and ensure only valid emails are used with applications and enter your systems.

Maintain CAN-SPAM

Maintain compliance with mobile domain detection.

Ping Each Email in Real Time

To guarantee it is active and help prevent fraudulent users. Ensure it can receive mail for a successful email campaign.

Verify real users

SMTP based email address verification

ScreenlyyID perform’s a real time SMTP-based lookup with our validate email address tool. Similar to how a real email is delivered, it can verify if an email would make it to the recipient’s address. Our SMTP process will identify if the username exists at the email service provider


ScreenlyyID validate email address module provides a comprehensive variety of features to ensure that fraudulent users are identified

Syntax Checks

Check if the email address is RFC822 and RFC2822 compliant.

Freemail Filtering

Determine if the email address is a free mail address, i.e. from a service providing free email.

DNS Validation

Check if the email domain resolves correctly and has working MX (mail exchange) records.

Disposable Filtering

Determine if the email address is associated with a disposable, temporary or darknet email service.

Typo Correction

Automatically fix common domain, top-level domain (TLD) and free mail address typos.

Role Detection

Check if an email address is personal or a business email address.

Capture only real email addresses from real customers

Real time email validation API

By verifying email addresses in real time via our API, you can ensure you are only collecting real email addresses from real customers. This helps reduce the chance of fraudulent users and assists in maintaining an accurate database of users, improving email marketing performance.

Our API will integrate seamlessly into your sign up and contact forms, offering 24/7 validation whenever a customer enters their email address.

email 2

Clean up your database with ease

Bulk email validation service

Batch cleansing your email database ensures it is kept up to date with valid customers only. It will help you identify and remove invalid or outdated email addresses. The ScreenlyyID bulk email tool helps you maintain your database by checking email addresses in bulk to verify and validate current contact information.

bulk email

Assess the risk level of each new user

Combat fraudulent users on a large scale

Evaluate digital characteristics spanning phone, email, and IP data sets to promptly permit, block, or flag new registrations in milliseconds.


real-time digital identity and behavioral risk indicators

Instantly validate new identities

Ensure verification with certainty. Incorporate real-time digital identity and behavioral risk indicators into registration processes. Identify synthetic identities and enhance Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications without heightening user friction.


Prevent misuse of promotions

Close promo abuse loopholes

Combat multiple account creations to eliminate coupon misuse, exploit free trial gaps, and prevent referral fraud. Recapture revenue and reduce customer acquisition expenses.

Stop fraud in it's tracks

ScreenlyyID will help your organization eliminate all fraud related threats

Identity Theft

Account Takeover

Regulatory Fines

Money Laundering

Synthetic Identity

Phishing Attacks

Bot Attacks

Payment Disputes

Verification to suit your requirements

No-Code, Bulk CSV, API, or live lookup, we’ve got you covered

ScreenlyyIDs dashboard and API suite means you can integrate via any means that suits your business. CSV for bulk verifications via our dashboard, integrate our API into your own systems, or even send a link to a prospect for completion via our no-code UI form.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is the most flexible and affordable on the market

No Set Up Fee

No License Fee

Free Forever

No Hosting Fee

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