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Phone Validate

Parse and validate that a number is live and gain unique insights into your customer with our real time validation and fraud protection tool

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Enhance your fraud detection strategy with alternative data

Advanced phone validation tool

Capture the correct phone number at the point of entry, ensuring a better customer experience. Parse and validate that a number is live and get location information along with carrier name, ported number status, up to date device status information and other valuable data to verify that your customer is who they say they are.

Real-time queries

Queries are made in real time, ensuring the data returned is always accurate and up to date.

Flexible API or Web Access

Choose when to implement and validate using our API – at point of capture, pre-send or as a batch cleanse. Run checks through the client portal.

Reduce Fraudulent Activity

Boost your knowledge of your users via a single phone number. Gain valuable insights in real time, allowing you to assess the validity of your customers. 

As easy as entering a phone number

Connect to the global mobile cellular network and retrieve the status of a mobile device

The home location register (HLR) is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber connected to the global mobile network. You can use the phone number validation tool to:


Ensure a mobile number is live and the device is connected in real time

Was the HLR lookup successful. If a true result is returned, then this is a working and registered cell phone or mobile device (SMS and phone calls will be delivered.)

Find out the carrier name, ported number status and location details

Has this number been ported to another network or is it currently roaming from its origin country? Find out the currently used network/carrier name, the number location and country codes.

Fetch up to date device status information

Determine whether a number is registered to a mobile, fixed-line, premium-rate, toll-free, VOIP or unknown.
How phone validation works

Ensure the validity of a phone number

How phone validation works

Our phone number validation allows you to identify the location of a phone number and the carrier.

Validate whether a phone number is active with data attributes such as city, zip code, country/county/state, latitude/longitude coordinates, time zone and more to help optimize communications and prevent fraudulent applicants or customers.

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