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End-to-End Remote Digital Identity Verification

ScreenlyyID enables organizations to effectively verify new customers in seconds, safeguarding your business from identity fraud with state-of-the-art identity verification capabilities. Our advanced technology ensures that only verified users can access your system, providing you with peace of mind that your organization is secure.

Digital identity verification solutions

Providing a 360° view of a customers Identity with remote identity verification

Our comprehensive online identity verification, powered by advanced AI, is designed to detect and prevent any malicious activity, allowing you to focus on running your business without worrying about fraud attacks.

Minimize Fraud

Shield your business and your online ecosystem from the risks of identity fraud and financial crime. ScreenlyyID technology detects fake IDs, presentation attacks, and other forms of identity fraud.

Onboard More Users

ScreenlyyID helps businesses automatically and accurately convert more customers by ensuring their true identity.

Meet Compliance Requirements

Meet strict compliance requirements for age and identity verification, account authentication, data privacy, KYC, and AML with our user-friendly tools, allowing you to configure, customize, and deploy your solution in just a few hours.

Digital identity verification made simpler

Accelerate customer onboarding with seamless and secure identity verification

ScreenlyyID uses advanced AI-powered software to detect fake and tampered documents in real-time. Our unique technology can read over 13,500 IDs from 245 countries and territories. Simply take a picture of the ID to extract biometric and biographic data effortlessly, and confidently detect fake and tampered documents.

How does remote identity verification work?

Remote identity verification, in 3 easy steps

Document Capture

Customers scan their ID document with their mobile phone. ScreenlyyID users advanced technologies to ensure best possible image quality is captured.

Take a Selfie

using cutting-edge liveness detection technology to detect face spoofing attempts, the user is guided through auto capture technology to take a selfie

Authenticate & Review

We combine computer vision, machine learning, AI to authenticate ID's in real time and provide a result in a matter of seconds.

Smart capture technology

Reliable document data extraction and validation

Our smart capture technology instantly analyzes the ID layout using ScreenlyyID’s extensive document template library. Once the analysis is complete, the data is cross-validated with other sources of information, such as the MRZ. Simultaneously, our OCR technology intelligently extracts relevant document details to auto-populate forms for verification.

Onboard genuine customers only

Real people, every transaction

ScreenlyyID utilizes advanced liveness detection technology to identify face spoofing attempts with just a single selfie — no need for user interaction. Our innovative passive liveness detection provides a reliable alternative to in-person verification, enabling seamless facial biometric and liveness checks with a single selfie image.

Global data sources

Verify anyone's identity, anywhere, in seconds.

Our solution provides your business with access to a wide range of global data sources from countries across the world, including postal records, credit bureau, and government data. Each check is performed in real-time to help you onboard good customers quickly, while preventing fraud and ensuring regulatory compliance is maintained.

real-time digital identity and behavioral risk indicators

Instantly validate or decline new customers

Ensure verification with certainty. Incorporate real-time digital identity and behavioral risk indicators into registration processes. Identify synthetic identities and enhance Know Your Customer (KYC) verifications without heightening user friction.

Industries supported

ScreenlyyIDs document authentication is applicable to any industry, anywhere


Verify identities in seconds to prevent fraud and eliminate stolen IDs, spoofing, deepfakes and account takeovers.


Automate customer onboarding with ScreenlyyID and secure account opening, loan origination, and credit application processes.


Verify patients and reduce friction from manual checks. Confidently comply with international KYC standards.

Government Services

Faster and efficient verification of citizens who wish to sign up and use government portals and online services.


More robust and secure fraud prevention and is pivotal in detecting and deterring money laundering.


Safely and securely onboard customers, open digital wallets, and comply with central banking laws and regulations.


Securely onboard virtual gamers of legal age, whilst simultaneously preventing fraud and money laundering.

Real Estate

Fast confirmation of identity for individuals who are applying to lease or purchase properties without lengthy proof of documents.

ScreenlyyID, your first choice verification partner

Enhance your business and elevate your services with ScreenlyyID's remote identity verification

Frictionless Onboarding

Enable customers to experience rapid and secure biometric facial recognition during the enrolment process and gain access to your products and services within seconds.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Tailor KYC to fit your needs - customize identity verification for your website or app and safeguard your customers’ data in the process.

Check-In Automation

Accelerate the check-in process by automating data entry and biometric verification to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty..

User Authentication

Authenticate person not present transactions. establishing identity.

Age Verification

Ensure age verification is met.


Reach customers anywhere, at any time from any device.

Access Control

Accurately verify the identity of individuals before granting them entry. Provide a robust and secure method for controlling access to restricted areas, buildings, or digital platforms.

Fraud Prevention

Identify and prevent fraud using AI-powered identity verification - including document authentication, face recognition, face matching. Ensuring that compliance is maintained.

Superior Support

99.99% uptime and support.

Verification to suite your requirements

No-Code, Bulk CSV, API, or live lookup, we’ve got you covered

ScreenlyyIDs dashboard and API suite means you can integrate via any means that suits your business. CSV for bulk verifications via our dashboard, integrate our API into your own systems, or even send a link to a prospect for completion via our no-code UI form.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is the most flexible and affordable on the market

No Set Up Fee

No License Fee

Free Forever

No Hosting Fee

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