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ScreenlyyID for Gambling and iGaming

ScreenlyyID provides a secure gaming environment without compromising players’ enjoyment or causing frustration with overzealous identity verification checks.

Effectively eliminate potential threats, bad players, and any attempts to harm your business while maintaining a welcoming environment that encourages legitimate players to continue playing.

ScreenlyyID for Gambling and iGaming

How ScreenlyyID can help your organization!

Age Verification

Ensure that age verification is met and that players are of legal age.

Account Creation

Verify the identity of an individual seamlessly, during account creation. Ensure that the customer is who they say they are, prevent fraud and reduce the risk of identity theft.

Payment Processing

Use digital identity verification when players make deposits or withdrawals from gaming accounts to reduce chargebacks, prevent fraud and theft.

Account or Game Access

Utilize our suite of modules to restrict access to certain players based on their age, location or other criteria.

Meet KYC Compliance

Ensure strict compliance requirements are met with digital identity verification and AML screening.

Reduce Multi Account Holders

Gain in depth insight into your customers and reduce multi account holders and bonus abusers .

Reduce Chargeback Rates

Implement measures that prevent payments using stolen cards or credentials. Improve your success rate when disputing false refunds and chargeback requests.

Eliminate Fake Accounts

Identify fraudulent accounts with a comprehensive identity analysis .Flag customers who use counterfeit or stolen ID's and deter multi account collusive play.

Minimize Fraudulent Affiliate Traffic

Identify affiliates who are referring undesirable customers to your business and redirect your focus towards those who generate higher profits.

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