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BIN (Bank/Issuer Identification Number) Lookup

The ideal solution for fraud protection systems and payment analysis. Cross-reference credit card details and make sure they match other data points surrounding the transaction (i.e., location of issuer bank vs customer shipping address)

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Easily and quickly filter out high-risk applications

Our real time API tool allows fraud managers to identify suspicious behaviour and applications, mitigating the risk of fraud

Detect Credit Card Fraud

Minimize Chargebacks

Identify Suspicious Activities

Numbering System

What is a Bank Identification Number (BIN)?

BIN is a numbering convention developed to identify which particular institution issued a given creditor bank card, with each card-issuing bank having a unique BIN.

The BIN lookup is a useful fraud prevention tool that can reveal:

  • Is the BIN valid?
  • The name of the cardholder’s bank
  • The card type, e.g. credit, debit, pre paid charge card
  • The card brand, e.g. Mastercard, Visa, Discovery, American Express
  • The card category.  The most common are classic, business, corporate, platinum and pre-paid
  • The issuing bank country.
  • The bank website and phone number details.
Bank Identification Number

Match critical data points

Why BIN Lookup should be included in your organization’s  fraud protection strategy

To mitigate the risk of credit card fraud and spot suspicious activity, ScreenlyyID allows you to cross reference credit card details against other data points you have collected.

BIN Lookup
IP probe

Comprehensive database

Our BIN database is comprehensive, updated weekly and works with 6, 8 and 10 digit BINs from all countries.

Detect potentially malicious or dangerous IP addresses

ScreenlyyID provides additional fraud detection measures

This API also includes some extra fraud detection measures if a customer IP address is passed in. In this mode the API will also perform IP geolocation and IP blocklist lookups.


Utilize the ScreenlyyID BIN lookup API to:

Prevent and Detect Credit Card Fraud

Identify High Risk Payments

Augment Sales Data and Reports

Apply Business Rules Based On Card Types

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