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IP Validate and Device Intelligence

With ScreenlyyID’s IP validate and device intelligence tool your business can confidently identify fraud patterns quickly, and help detect malware, attack sources, bots and botnets while protecting your customer experience

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Easily and quickly filter out high-risk applications

Our real time tool allows fraud managers to investigate suspicious behaviour and applications reducing the risk of fraud

Use device fingerprinting and intelligence to discern high risk device ID.

Detect fake Accounts and filter out high risk applications during digital onboarding.

Identify endpoint threats in applications, such as bots and emulators.

Identify the geolocation of an IP address

IP info

Identify the geolocation of an IP address down to the city level, including the geographic coordinates and detailed locale information. Our geolocation database is continuously updated in real time as internet address allocation changes and as new IP ranges come online.


IP info
IP probe

Analyze and extract provider information for an IP address

IP probe

IP probe will perform a real time scan against the given IP using various network level checks. We analyze the data retrieved and determine what type of provider the IP belongs to.

ScreenlyyID uses network level service probes to check if the IP is running common VPN or proxy software. IP probe provides excellent detection of VPN and proxy services, which is a key indicator of bots and fraudulent applicants.


Detect potentially malicious or dangerous IP addresses

IP blocklist

ScreenlyyID will run an IP blocklist check to identify malicious hosts, anonymous proxies, tor, botnets, spammers and more.

Block, filter or flag traffic to help reduce attacks on your networks and software stacks.

IP blocklist will detect the following main categories of IP addresses:

  • Open proxies
  • Tor nodes
  • Public VPNs
  • Spam hosts
  • Phishing hosts
  • Malware servers
  • Attack sources
  • Criminal netblocks
  • Malicious spiders
  • Bots and botnets
  • Exploit scanners
  • Brute-force crackers

Identify high risk device IDs

Host Reputation

ScreenlyyID will check the reputation of an IP address, domain name or URL against a comprehensive list of blacklists and blocklists to discern high risk device IDs. Under the hood there are three core blocklist components.

Autonomous Networks

Autonomous bots, crawlers and honeypots which continuously collect data from across the Internet in real time.

Firewall Aggregation

Collects IP data from security appliances, this includes feeds from firewalls, gateways and intrusion detection systems (IDS).

Open Data

We compile data from many public sources of IP data, including public blocklists, blacklists, botnet trackers and various security intelligence feeds.

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